To Live

Fire lighting

Shelter building


Water filters / distilling


DIY cookers

'To Live' activities will explore the things humans need for survival and how our survival techniques have developed over time. These activities will relate to and give an understanding of real word issues such as water quality, clean air and the importance of forming relationships to ensure that we thrive as communities.

To Fly

DIY bows



Bottle rockets

Kite flying


'To Fly' activities will explore how you can make an object fly. We will explore how humans have learnt from nature and used the various means of flight for hunting, as transport, cultural traditions, competitions and play.

To Connect

Māori Games

Bush walks

Sensory exploring

Plant ID

Bird ID

'To Connect' activities will demonstrate the importance of connection. To connect with friends, whanau, our community, our environment- connection will lead to fulfillment of emotional and spiritual needs and help us discover that which brings us joy.

To Work



Paper making


Charcoal making

'To Work' activities explore progression of human skills and how this progression has given us the luxuries of our modern world- while acknowledging the important role these traditional skills still hold. Our hard work will give us a sense of accomplishment and the drive to continue working towards goals.

Activities are not limited to the above- I'm always excited to develop new programmes and sessions for anyone interested. I would love to have a kōrero about any ideas you have!